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In January a year ago, we inaugurated a female Vice President. International Women’s Day was just celebrated. In May we honor Mothers. It is time to recognize a neglected travel market: women who travel.

To reach this group, we are proud to have partnered with the leading women-travel expert in North America, Phyllis Stoller. I am therefore honored to share this short article with Mrs. Phyllis Stoller.

Here is Phyllis in her own words:
It was Summer of 1992 in Miami Florida. I was a corporate banker with five weeks vacation.  My teen age sons were in a boarding school; my husband building a business. Desperate to travel and not to a spa, I started a women’s travel club with the kind help of a travel agent.

Susan K. was a 40 widow and head of catering at a major downtown hotel. She offered to host a cocktail party to introduce herself and the women’s travel club. 100 downtown women came.  A 30ish Miami Herald sports writer called out to the group: Was anyone going to the Barcelona Olympics? I am nervous going alone and overseas. Leslie L. responded: my 2 daughters are in the US Gymnastics Team. I will be there alone also.

In blew a whirlwind of conversation: Do you like to travel? Do you have friends who travel? Are you married? Does your husband travel? I’ll go if you go….

A widow friend of 40, a married woman with 2 gymnast daughters, a 30 something journalist, myself an executive banker, all had travel money looking for a woman’s trip.

30 years later, The Women’s Travel Group with SITA World Tours speaks to same demographic. The women are in charity groups, women’s clubs, adult education classes, fitness centers, book groups. They have executive jobs, pensions, valuable homes, inheritance, and financial independence.

Some definitions and facts about women travelers:

The women’s market is not only Single Women, the most misunderstood part of this demographic. Second, Solo Travel does not always mean: Going it Alone.

The Boomer woman is part of the first generation who traveled for work, the military, diplomacy, volunteerism.

On-line searches for women’s travel have grown exponentially.  

Sedentary women are increasingly inspired by the many female travel bloggers.

One in three ‘single' women traveled five times in 2019.  We estimate the average female traveler is 47. The over 55 woman is the hot market for small group all female travel.

75% of women prefer cultural, historical, experiential and adventure travel. (65-70% go for the latter).  Shopping is out, food is in, and learning is a must.

Anxious to travel post-pandemic are the bucket list women and country counters.


And as a reader of this short article and/or speaking to your travel agent on women travel programs, prepare and expect the following:

  • - Your agent will gladly respond to your sophisticated questions.
  • - Anticipate your agent will listen to your personal history.
  • - Expect empathy – the overwhelming majority of travel agents are women.
  • - Be aware of single supplement costs.
  • - Expect photos of real women, not models.
  • - Ask about room shares or ask us to arrange it.
  • - Expect agents to use the right vocabulary: girlfriend getaway: no. 
  •   Small group women’s travel: yes. 
  • - Communicate your technical level of travel ability well.
  • - Make sure the tour is paced and structured for solo women travelers.
  • - We usually avoid ‘free days’ and ‘shopping’; both split the group.
  •   However, there will be some personal time.
  • - Your agency welcomes the growing number of female guests.

Last but not least  some upcoming destinations we offer are Kenya; Berlin, Dresden, Prague and Vienna; the Baltics with Finnish Lapland; Italy; Croatia Yacht Cruising; Mexico City Gourmet weekend; Columbia with Medellin Flower Festival; India’s Golden Triangle; Nepal & Bhutan; Greece; Egypt and at year’s end a Lisbon and Madrid Christmas adventure.