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Europcar, the Number 1 Choice in Europe

Europcar is the leader in car rental services in Europe and plays a major role in mobility markets. Present in more than 140 countries, the company provides customers with access to the world's largest vehicle rental network through its own operations, franchisees and partnerships. With such an overall presence and more than 60 years in the business, Europcar's global network is extremely significant. Europcar has locations all over the globe which makes it the ideal choice for new and returning consumers.

New vehicles for maximum comfort and security
Europcar always provides the best possible choice of newer model vehicles as well as the largest selection of automatic cars. From small and medium sized cars, sedans, vans and trucks to prestigious luxury cars, you will always benefit from the comfort and security of renting a newer car model. Manufacturers are constantly updating and improving their vehicles to enhance the safety and comfortability of each car. By renting from Europcar, you are renting the newest cars that have the latest safety technology.

Our strong partnership with many car manufacturers means that you get:

  • Greater choice among the latest car models, including Europcar vans & trucks & luxury fleet options
  • Innovative equipment and features
  • Guaranteed Customer satisfaction
  • Luxury fleet options