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Discover A Distinctly Different Alaska Aboard Regatta

Crabbing in the Bering Sea, a Russian high tea experience, even a helicopter glacier adventure - with more ports to explore and more time to do so, our Alaska voyages invite you to discover a distinctly different Alaska. Our 2020 voyages feature a rich bounty of must-see destinations blended with a bevy of off-the-beaten-path ports that larger ships cannot access such as Haines, Kodiak, Prince Rupert, Wrangell, and Nanaimo. In this unique land of lore, nature and adventure, you'll have the chance to see and do all that you desire with our longer stays - Regatta arrives in the early morning and almost always departs 6 pm or later.

Here are a few of our favorite unique experiences in the Last Frontier:

Go Crabbing in the Bering Sea
Ketchikan, Alaska
From Ketchikan, embark on the Aleutian Ballad, one of the legendary crab boats featured on the Discovery Channel series Deadliest Catch. Unlike the tribulations of the show, you’ll sail only in calm, protected coastal waters, taking in the stunning scenery of southeastern Alaska, tiny islands dotting the straits, mountains soaring from sea to clouds and the light dancing across the primeval waters. In a comfortable and heated on-deck amphitheater, hear stories of the men who have plied these seas and given their lives. Below, the crew haul up crab pots and long lines from deep beneath the waves, bringing to light not just crab but shark, octopus, prawns, and rock fish. The bounty is carefully placed into an on-deck aquarium, so you can view and interact with these creatures of the deep before they are returned, unharmed, to their natural habitat.

Partake in Russian Tea Time
Kodiak, Alaska
Alaska seems to be a thoroughly American destination today, yet it was part of Russia before its purchase in 1867, and though Sitka was the former Russian capital, the Russian influence extends throughout the state in both architecture and traditions. In Kodiak, the Russian legacy lives on at the Kodiak Inn, where traditional Russian tea, a variation on the English classic, is a beloved staple. Rather than scones and finger sandwiches, enjoy borscht, Russian teacakes and pirozhkis while entertained by the Balalaika Players, a local band performing traditional music from the mother country. While the tour includes visits to Cannery Row, the heart of Kodiak’s fishing economy, as well as a Russian Orthodox Church and local art gallery, Russian tea time is the undisputed highlight.